Whitechapel Stables
Whitechapel Stables (3)

Inside the stables

 In Whitechapel, the Ryan Family run the only stables and ranch in the city. They offer riding lessons, training for horses, and a place to keep horses. It is well known for good service and a good place to raise horses. Horses owners can meet there and socialize and have competitions. The stables have over 100 stalls, four 10 acre fields, and two riding arenas along with one competition arena.

Background on FamilyEdit

Robert and Kathryn Ryan started this business because of their mutual love for nature and horses. Being secretly Elves, they love the beauty of nature and wanted to share it with everyone. They also had a secret that would one day be found out.

When Kathryn's horse was pregnant, so was Kathryn. Shiloh and Mai were born at the same day. Shiloh was sold afterwards but Mai stayed on the farm with her parents who became too busy to pay her any real attention.

When Mai went on, she excelled in everything horse. The summer before high school, she dated Jesse till he bit her. She was forced to drink Human blood to save her life (vampire venom is meant to change mortals into immortals not immortals to immortals). She never warned Sarah, her best friend (met at the stables), about Jesse because Sarah wouldn't have believed her.

Ethan and his family visited the stables once. Mai knew him. She met him in the park once and Benny too. She never forgot them. They saw her that next year when they all fought Jesse. She was also introduced to Cade by them. Cade, a vampire who had been bit by Jesse, was a long time friend of Ethan's and Benny's.

When Cade visited her there, he learned more about her. He got some riding lessons from her. Mai and Cade hit it off and they started to date. He gave her the confidence to tell her parents about what happened between her and Jesse. Cade, since they started dating, looked for a cure so she could become an Elf again and not a vampire.

Mai's Horses


The first horse that Mai ever took care of. The horse wasn't hers but he was the first horse she can remember. Billy died when she was seven. He was a cream color with darker legs, mane, and muzzle. He was a sort of silly, shy, old horse. He was the first horse Mai ever rode and he will always have a place in Mai's heart.

Billy (1)


Her dad's horse but he turned the care of Zino over to Mai when he became busy with other things. He also passed over Zino to Mai because she was depressed by the death of Billy. Mai was nine when she got Zino and she already had Midnight. Sarah, Mai's best friend, often rides Zino. Zino and Sarah have a special bond and Sarah takes care of Zino these days because Mai is busy taking care of Midnight, Brego, and Blue.

Zino (1)


Mai's mom specially bred Midnight for Mai. Midnight was the first real horse that actually belonged to Mai. Mai and Midnight grew up together from when Mai was seven (a little before Billy died) and they have been together ever since then. Midnight was Mai's show horse. Midnight won most of the trophies that are Whitechapel Stables. Whenever there was a problem for Mai, Mai would often take Midnight out for a ride and talk it out.

Midnight (1)


Brego is one of Midnight's offspring that Mai had helped deliver. Brego was Mai's cross country horse that also won trophies. Brego had once been the horse that Jesse would ride but Brego didn't like him. After Mai was bit, she felt bad for being mad at him. Brego had misbehaved because he didn't trust Jesse. Brego was the first horse Cade ever rode.

Brego (1)



Only three people (outside of Mai) have ridden the young Blue, Cade, Ethan, and Jane. Blue is Brego's nephew and Midnight's grandson. Blue is more of Cade's horse than Mai's. Blue loves Mai but Cade would come down constantly to ride and care for Blue. Cade had been training Blue to be a cross country horse and they spend a lot of time together.

Blue (1)