There is a new girl named Lily in town, and she seems, different than the, other, super-naturals. Benny claims it`s energy that she lets off, that is making her different, "...a pure, yet powerful energy... . Which is exacly what is happening here. When Ethan first meets Lily, he gets a vision out of knowhere showing: Him, Lily, and Benny standing together, then some kind of glowing triangle with a white line, on the left, a green line, on the right, and a blue line, on the bottom. Also it shows some smokey-shadowy figure, wearing a crown, gown, and her hands glowing. When it`s done, he immedently goes to Benny to explain what he saw. Benny says it`s the Apridox triangle. A powerful, ancient piece of magical history.


The Apridox was a powerful, dark army of evil witches, vampires, and werewolves. They were ruled, and controled by the shadow queen, named Dimaria. She cursed anyone, (in thier afterlife,) who dared dis-obey her. The Apridox army was distroyed when just a trio of pure souled beings, who would do anything for the balance of life, death, and magic. So when the origianal Apridox was destroyed, the trio was titled the Apridox, and promised that when the queen rose once more, there desendents would form the Triangle of the Apridox. (Formed from the chosen-ones, and the 3 purest elements: Air, Earth, and Water.)


The chosen ones for the triangle, are the desendents of the Apridox (trio). The top one would be Earth, bottom right, Water, and bottom left, Air. The energy travels in glowing lines, from one to the next. Air to Earth, Earth to Water, and Water to Air. The only way it could be truly activated, is if they summon the tower of fire, which in the ceremony, is in the center of the Apridox Triangle. They must say a chant, and drink an oil, only known deep in the minds of the chosen ones. The Triangle also represents balance in the afterlife. Heaven or the Underworld. When all was almost lost, the Water Keeper spoke: The choice should be to the Angles and Devils, where to go in death, not an unfair, evil, witch with no heart or soul. Only a shadow.

Queen Dimaria:Edit

Dimaria was the most powerful witch in history. But also the most evil. Nothing is known about her history, why she was evil, or her blood-line continument. But some say: "Reverand Black could be her desendent."


Water: Bend, Mold, Heat, and Freeze water, super strength, and invisibility

Earth: Increase growth of plants, super speed, healing, and walking through walls

Air: Increase/Decrease speed of wind, sonic scream, flight, hypnosis.