Thomas Scott
Full Name: Thomas Scott
Nickname(s): Tom
Amazing Thomson
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1998
Age: 14
Resides in: Whitechapel, Ontario Canada
Occupation: Student
Family: William Scott (Father)
Louise Scott (Mother)
Patrick Scott (Older Brother)
Frank Scott (Grandfather)
Alexander Grayson (Grandfather)
Romances: Alice (Girlfriend)
Erica Jones (Ex-Crush)

Ethan Morgan
Benny Weir
Rory Keaner
Sarah Fox
Erica Jones


Whitechapel High School

First Episode:

Welcome Back Dusker

Portrayed By:

Cody Simpson

Thomas Scott is a Student at Whitechapel High School and Spellmaster. First appears in "Welcome Back Dusker". Portrayed by Cody Simpson.


  • Season 2 (All Episodes)

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Spellmaster, Thomas can cast spells, and make potions, his skills with however are mostly hit and sometime miss. His skills with potion making is shown to be better, as they normally work and perform spells.

However mid-way through season two, following a lot of practice he gets better at magic, master more complex spells such as erasing memories, or knocking others out, like Benny. He also posses the ability, telekinesis like his grandfather. He gained this ability at the end of season two.