Terra as a mermaid

Terra showed just before Ethan, Heather, and Mackenzie were about to be captured the water tentacle, for the 3rd attack. She used her boil powers to scare the tentacle away, but not for long. Ever since then, she and the others been very close, and had been honest about everything since. She is a 15 year old sofmore, and loves music.


Terra is origianally from Australia, but moved to Whtiechapel when she was 13. She moved because her father, because he got a job transfer, and the house they lived in before needed to be repaired. She became a mermaid when she was 13, just before she moved. It took her 1 year to discover her powers. Terra also is an amazing singer and guaitar player


Terra can summon lightning, control fire, heat things, and boil water. She also can have super speed swiming under water.


As a mermaid she has orangeish-blondish hair underwater. (While wet, but hair above water is very dirty blonde.) Her tail is brownish-yellow, and a matching, scaley top.

As a human, she`s a light blonde, brown eyes, fairly tanned skin. She also likes wearing, shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers. But spices it up once and a while.



Ever since the 3rd attack, they`ve been very close friends. They hangout everyday, and tell eachother everything. There is slight chemistry between them (but she teases him to much for it to happen).


They treat eachother like sisters, though theres no way they could be related. They both like to goof around with their powers around Ethan.


Mack was very inviting to Terra when they first met. They love swimming, talking, and practicing their powers.