KissSathan is the friend-crush relationship of Samantha Miles and Ethan Morgan(Sam/Ethan). They've kissed, but Ethan says it was nothing. He sometimes has dreams about Sam(Which he won't tell her about) and seems to be very interested in her. She can't seem pick this up, despite her mutual feelings. It's obvious to everyone except them.
  • Ethan kisses Sam
  • Still just friends though
  • Just hanging
  • Cuz best friends can hug
  • Always there
  • Still Here
  • Awkward
  • Up close

Intimacy Level

Close Friends; Partners-In-Crime , kissed, crush

Started Friendship

Welcome Back Dusker

Friendship Status

Best Friends, crush

Consisting Members

Samantha Miles Ethan Morgan

Alternate Names

Etham, SEthan, ESam