Michael is a nortorious and powerful Archangel based on the biblical Archangel of the same name. He is older then the earth and one of the most powerful entities in the universe, powerful enouth to destroy any demon. Dispite his extreme power, he always plays by the rules and therefore all of his fight's are fair ones. He would be protrayed as a teenage boy who wears a white hoodie and jeans and can feel a winters breeze under extreme heat. He is set to apear in The Struggle.


On a casueal day, he has a warm friendly perosnality, though this can be swayed when he is in the presance of pure evil in which he has the heart of a warrior, often fighting with the use of a sowrd which ignites in flames when fighting a supernatural evil, but in public he would fight unarmed. He is shown to not condone acts of evil but he doesn't stop it in hopes that people learn thier lessons the hard way. As it turns out, Jesse's cult was a reacurring threat to the earth that Michael is shown to be concerend about. He is shown to be so charasmatic that he brings out even Erica's softer side. He often finds himself at odds with his brother Lucifer, and is does not hesitate to use "corpral punishment" on him when nessescary. He acts as a voice of reason to some characters, but becomes pragmatic when his advice is refused or ignored.