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"This is out of line.."

Maria Undio is a witch from Whitechapel. She's a good witch, whose powers are designed to help people and not hurt people.  She's very kind, but is shy.


Season 2Edit

Maria's first appearance is in Welcome Back,Dusker. 

She is seen eyeing Rory, but has no speaking lines.

She makes her first speaking Line in Fanged and Furious, saying "Hi" to Sarah. 

She spends alot of time with Rory, trying to throw him off her trail. Sarah eventually comes out and tells her she knows she's not human.

Revealing Her Powers

When Maria Reveals her powers, Erica is bent on killing her.  Maria has to use her powers to keep her at bay.


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Maria  distances herself from Rory until he confronts her in the hall. He accuses her of avoiding him, while she stutters out an inconvincing lie.  When he asks her why, she says she thought it would not be right for them to be friends because she's a witch and him a vampire. 

In Halloweird, Rory confesses he likes her but she says it can't be. When he asks why she replies with 

"This is out of line.." when he is visibly confused, she leaves him to the confusion and is seen later crying in the washroom.

In The Date to End All Dates, Maria agrees to one date, but tells Rory to keep his mouth shut or she would cancel. 

It's a good date, but she still refuses him. 

She's seen later talking to herself about how she can't be his girlfriend because Witches and Vampires are forbidden from being together. 


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Maria has dark hair, freckles and brown eyes. She's short and stocky, but strong.