Lucille is Jesse's daughter to an unknown mother, but it is clear she is a damphir (a hybrid born to vampire and human parents). She in no way is evil but always does what Jesse tells her too out of fear od what he will do to her.


No where near as evil and ruthless as Jesse, but she is clearly frightened of her father and to weak to stand up to him. Despite this she is still a sweet little girl, who doesn't even know her own mother. It is said that she is literally the only peice of good Jesse left on this world, and Jesse himself admits that he regrets her existance and constantly shows resentment to her, going as far as to call a drawing she drew of him "Worse then Dusk." Members of Jesse's cult are clearly sympathetic to her but they can't sum up the courage to stand up for her. When one of Jesse's werewolves was forced to lock her in a dark room, he clearly say's "I'm Sorry." She at one point runs away because Jesse said "If I had a chance to go to heaven, I'll drag my daughter to hell first."

Ethan and his friends as well as their extended families are obviously the closet to a good family she has, as a result she see's Ethan, Benny and Rory as parental figures and Sarah and Erica motherly figures. While she is four years old she is more then capable of surviving on her own, although it was under the watch of the vampire counciel. At one point the archangel Michael say's "I wouldn't let you have revenge on your father, for you re more of an angel then me'."


  • Horace "Jesse" Black - Biological Father
  • Unknown mother
  • Ethan Morgan - Father Figure
  • Sarah Fox - Motherly Figure
  • Benny Weir - Secondary Father Figure
  • Erica Jones - Secondary Mother Figure
  • Rory Keaner - Teritary Father Figure
  • Anastisia - Self Proclaimed Godmother