Lucifer, as his name suggests, is the master of most, if not all demons. Inspite of his athourity, he tends to work alone. While he was one of the most powerful beings in the universe, he is significantly weaker then his brother Michael. He is set to appear alongside his brother in The Struggle alongside his brother. He is protrayed as a teenage boy in a white suit, glowing blue eyes and white/blonde hair.

Personality  Edit

Lucifer acts like an agressive, borderline psycotic. He has displayed a multitude of violent tendancies and a flippant attitude. He also acts like a deranged mastermind, but always answers to those more powerful then he is. Alot of his humor comes from his highly unbelievable acts, often caused by is energenic boasts. At times he is armed with a vararity of weopans and is admits that he is "trigger happy". He has a fear of death that borders on to irrationality. He openly finds himself at odds with Michael.