List Of EpisodesEdit

Season 3Edit

Episode 1: Welcome Home, Magical Cousin

Benny's cousin who was really good friends with Ethan and him comes back to Whitechapel after living in another country since they were 10, and shes the kind of girl who likes videogames and all that things Benny and Ethan like and is really pretty. Soon Ethan realizes hes in love with her, and she's with him. But none of them wanna tell each other. And they also find out Danny is an Earth Priestess!

Episode 2: Doll House

When Jane, accedently makes her doll Debbie Dazzle come to life, the boys ethan and benny must track her down. Rory tries to make a vampire invention. (blood cubes, blood vending mbutahine, etc)

Episode 3: Love! Love! Sarah

When Benny makes a love potion, he accedently nocks it on grandmas bird invention and it goes around poking pepole to fall in love.It pokes, sarah loves ethan, benny loves erica and the girls blame it on them. Erica attemps to bite them but when the invention pokes Rory to fall in love with jane, sarah(who is holding erics hand)sees rory kissing like its toturing and she goes to rory, with erica. They name the love invention KissaHunka and puts it in a cage.

Episode 4: Jesse`s Girl

When Jesse comes from the dead, he uses one of grandmas spells to shapeshifty his attitude with blood in sarah.Sarah goes around biting pepole till Benny sees Jesses Relection in the Mirror of Truth. Sarah/Jesse Shift bites jane unexpectidly however, when he leaves sarahs body, the biting jane bit was in jesses brain and removed from sarahs.

Episode 5: Reversal Cure

When Jane, eats garlic her blood contains the juice of garlic that kills vampires. Erica poses in The Mirror of Truth which sucks a evil reflection of her in the mirror and takes over good erics body to brake out the mirror.

Episode 6: That`s Rory`s Cousin!

When Rory`s hot cousin scarlet, who is ethans age moves in chapel, she crushes on Ethan which makes a jealous sarah. When Ethan and Scarlet are invited at Sarah`s Dinner things are bad, unknowing to them, that scarleta is the dinner, ethan if he doesnt love sarah. She attempts to eat them both but she couldnt as she is good with humans.

Episode 7: Happy Birthday ethan!


Episode 9: My Vampire Girl

A new girl, Angie, moves to Whitechapel and shows intrest in Ethan. He has a date with her and half way through, finds out she's a vampire, after having a vision of Angie kissing someone and then biting them. He leaves after the vision and finds it curious that Angie starts dating every boy in Whitechapel High and them disappearing after their date with her. After Benny gets a date with her, Ethan is too late as they are already on their date. Can Ethan get to Benny in time?

Episode 10: Frostbiting