Lily Wilson
The new vampire.









Love Interest(s)




Lily Wilson was once a shy 17 year-old girl from a small town until she became Victoria Lowes' next meal.

Lily doesn't know much about being a vampire and adjusting to her new, undead lifestyle was going to take some time. She spends her time with Vicky, the vampire who bit her, to learn the ways of the vampire. But Vicky isn't too fond with the idea as she is a concieted and aggressive vampire.

Before she became a creature of the night, Sue was a small town girl with a big heart and took responsibilty raising her younger siblings when her parents weren't around.

With the whole Humans VS Vampires thing going on, Lily seems to be neutral.


Victoria Lowes- The vampire who turned her. Lily loves Vicky's company and is playful towards her. She seems to be scared of her at times and tries to avoid her. She is used and manipulated by Vicky to do her deeds and she doesn't know how to say no. Deep down, Lily can understand that Vicky does care for her, but she keeps quiet.

Lorie Sharpe- Lily is friends with Lorie and has no problems with her. However, seeing that Vicky has problems with her, Lily makes herself seem as she doens't like Lorie. Lorie feels Lily is being directed on the long path by following Vicky. She feels Lily is good at heart and can make a great canidate for promoting equality amongst vampire and humans.

Ethan Morgan- Neutral towards him. Again, she sees that Vicky has problems with humans so she might act a little cold towards him even though she doesn't mean it.

Benny Weir-Finds his magic interesting and amusing.

Erica- Liliy is a little scared of Erica even though they do not have anything against eachother.

Sarah- Finds Sarah cool and is friends with her. Sometimes, she will ditch Sarah for Vicky, especially when she feels Vicky is becoming angry. Sarah likes Lily as a friend as is trying to persuade her to fight on the human side.

Rory- Her and Rory are actually great friends and goof off a lot together.

Jesse- Lily is scared of Jesse even more than she is of Vicky. She does not want to join his cult as Vicky did. Jesse is trying to persuade Lily to fight for the vampires.


Lily defending herself from another supernatural creature.