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Jean McClaire

Jean McClaire, is a 17 year old junior, but has an attitude like a leapord, tiger, and lioness, all into one!! Her intrest in cats is very... bizzare, and has an over-independent attitude. She can wiggle out of almost any situation. She`s very secretive, but everyone likes her.


Jean is a very special girl. Apart of an ancient race, that goes zillions of years back, before Earth was created. That race is the, Katarin. The Katarin, is a race, of half-human, half-cat people, that have amazing abilties, even the 9 lives to live!! The Katarin have been hunted by 'The Order', for thousands of years. (Jean has been 'killed' 3 times.) She prefers not to use her powers public-ly, but uses her stealth, in gym. (She claims it: "...will keep her grades up, and her identity a secret...".) Her mother, and father, died in a fire, the night after her birth. (She lives with her adoptive mother, now.)

Personality & AppearenceEdit

Jean is very independent, sassy, and brave. She is always on her toes, and always prepared for the worst. She is also very cunning, clever, sneaky, sly, and resorceful. She will do anything to protect her friends, and family. She is also: loyal, honest, responsible, trustworthy, smart, and couragious!

Jean is one of the prettiest girls in school!! Her hair is golden-orange, and her eyes are blue-gray. (Though in some lights, they look amber.) Her complection is rather light, her lips are pink, and she usually wears jackets. (Over casual wear anyway.) Though she loves to spice things up!

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

She can: have claws appear whenever she wants them to, her eyes can turn into a cats eyes, (revealing the true
Jean McClaire7


emotion of anyone within that sight,) advanced stealth/agility/flexibility, 5x better hearing, and cheetah like speed, lion strength, nightvision, and lightning reflexes.



Ethan was a little skeptical when J first arrived. But, just before was gonna die, (by one of the 'members' of The Order,) she showed up at the perfect moment, to save his sorry BUTT!!! They`ve been really close since. Jean told E the secret, the second she scared off the guy.


Sarah and Jean, gave been the best of besties, ever since they met! (Though Jean`s only lived in Whitechapel for a few weeks...) Sarah and Jean, love to show off their special abilities around Ethan, to tease him.


Erica and Jean have known eachother, bascally since birth! There cousins!!! Yet... only Jean is a Katarin. Knowone understands why, it`s just how it works.