Hannah Morgan
Hannah(notice her fangs)
Vital statistics
Title the Vampire Twin
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Faction unknown
Health unknown
Level unknown
Status Creeping in the dark
Location Unknown

Hannah Morgan is Jane and Ethan Morgan's long lost vampire sister who loves to play guitar.She used to date Jesse before Sarah did and that's how she became a vampire.She became a full vampire when she was pushed on to a bucket of blood and drank it on accident.She has a HUGE crush on Rory and has kissed him several times,though most of them have explanations that are not romantic.


Ethan (2011-present)

Hannah and Ethan where separated at birth,but are truly twins.She found him while looking for a "Snack" and attempted to bite him,but luckily startled by his vision.His vision was of two babys being seperated.She Suddenly had the vision too,showing the power was split between them.

Rory (2011-present)

She has a big crush on Rory,but hides it by acting like she hates him.It is also shown he thinks she is pretty,even floating when he talks about her.

Benny (2008-present)

She met him 11 years ago,and bit him,but fourtuneately she sucked the venim iin time.He is shown to also have a crush on her.

Sarah (2010-Present)

She is good friends with sarah and has helped her several times.

Jesse (2000-2010)

He is the whole reason she is a vampire.

Erica (2011-present)

She is her bestfriend.


  • She is the only main character that has a twin.
  • She is one of the few characters that likes Rory