Darryl is the boyfriend of Erica.

Background Edit

Darryl is the vampire boyfriend of Erica. She bit him on their 3rd date, and he has bitten seven people after that. He has mastered Shifty Eyes quickly, and he is a threat to Ethan, Benny, and Sarah. It turns out that he has made a small vampire army. He betrayed Erica and tried to kill her, but she escaped. After that, she went to Sarah, she and Erica hid at Ethans house, because when vampires encounter him, he turns them drowsy. After they defeated his 15 member army of homicidal maniacs, he encountered Benny, he trapped Benny, and his Grandma came up behind him and turned him into a block of metal. It is the Forever Chamber. It is impossible to get out of and impossible to die in.