Indiana Evans

Crystal Manx

Crystal Manx has just moved into Whitechapel, and she can already knows it isn`t normal. She is a freshman, and is 14.Her first step on Whitechapel High`s property catches all the guys attention. But, there`s more to this girl than beauty and brains. She`s not a vampire, not a witch, not a mermaid... she is an angel!


Crystal`s mother died in a car accident when she was 5, and is now living with her dad, and grandma. Crystal is an angel, from the NSPU. (North Skies Protection Unit.) Ethan, Sarah, and Benny, have been watched over by this division, ever since Sarah showed up at Ethan`s house the first time. Crystal was sent by the head of NSPU... to get up close and personal with the trio. (Crystal is also gifted in music and art.)

NSPU (North Skies Protection Unit) ItselfEdit

Angels, like Crystal, are chosen for a very special division; known as the North Skies Protection Unit or NSPU. The NS, in NSPU, is North Skies: where the HQ, is located. P, in NSPU, is Protection, meaning, they watch, and protect those who need watching. In this case; (Ethan, Sarah, and Benny.) Unit, is because, in the galaxy, this is a top-secret division, for those that need it the most. Crystal was sent by the head of NSPU, Zander Dorex, to keep an extra close eye on the trio of vamp- hunters. Zander gave Crystal a few powers, to help her, and her mission.


  1. Sonic Scream
  2. Conrol Water
  3. Flight
  4. Super Speed
  5. Frost Breath (a blue breath that puts people to sleep; temperaraly)
  6. Stop Time


Very light skin, brownish-caramel hair, moonstone blue eyes, and likes wearing necklaces, and shoulderless shirts.


Ethan: Has a HUGE crush on him

Sarah: Very, very close friends

Benny: Crushing on Crystal

Rory: Crushing on Crystal

Erica: Frenimies