Cedric is a member of the Jesse's cult and rose through the ranks as his third in command, serving as a silent partner for Jesse. For the past fifty years he spent time working on finding vampire lords outside of the counciel to be allies with Jesse so they would have imunity from the counciel. Cedric is shown to also buy any land from a dead vampire lord to expand the cults territory. He is resentful of Jesse for allowing other monsters, such as werewolves, work for the cult but is intimadated by Jesse's power to say anything to his face. He is the secondary antagonist in The Struggle.

The StruggleEdit

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Cedric belives that he is worthy of being Jesse's second in command, but fails to live up to his own expectations due to his constant travel. When Jesse announced his plans to add new monsters in his cult, Cedric reacted in private rage, relenting only when Jesse enters the room due to his undying loyalty. Cedric's main resentment is the presance of werewolves, who Cedric tries to pretend aren't among them.