Alexander Grayson
Full Name: Alexander Grayson
Nickname(s): Alex
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 1958
Age: 54
Occupation: Spellmaster
Family: Louise Grayson (Daughter)
William Scott (Son-in-law)
Frank Scott (Brother-in-law)
Patrick Scott (Grandson)
Thomas Scott (Grandson)
Romances: Evelyn Weir (Crush)

Stern (formerly)

First Episode:

The Date to End All Dates

Last Episode:

The Date to End All Dates

Portrayed By:

Mel Gibson

Alexander Grayson was the grandfather of Thomas Scott and Spellmaster. Only appears in "The Date to End All Dates". Portrayed by Mel Gibson.


Age 15


  • Season 2
    • Independence Daze (picture)
    • The Date to End All Dates

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a Spellmaster, Alex can cast spells, and make potions, his skills are mostly hit and rarely miss. His skills with potion making and perform spells are great.

He also posses the ability to move objects with mind and make things appear out thin air.